Month: March 2015

Google Apps Bug Exposes Personal Data Belonging to More Than 200K Domain Owners

A Google Apps bug has publicly revealed 282,867 hidden WHOIS records. Domains registered with eNom with WHOIS record protection renewed through Google Apps in 2013 were affected, Cisco announced in a recent blog post. Of the over 300,000 domains registered with eNom through Google, 94 percent were affected, with full

CloudFlare Virtual DNS Shields DNS Infrastructure from Advanced DDoS Attacks

CloudFlare’s new Virtual DNS service lets web hosts, registrars and enterprises protect themselves from an emerging type of Distributed Denial of Service attack that targets the application layer without having to change their nameservers. Launched last week, the new service lets an organization point their nameservers to a CloudFlare IP

Cloud Computing

Finland has biggest take up of cloud computing services in EU, research reveals

(c) Finland has the highest proportion of enterprises in the EU using cloud computing, according to figures from Eurostat. The findings from the European Union’s statistical office, from December 2014, saw more than half (51%) of Finnish enterprises in the cloud. Nordic and Benelux countries typically scored highly, with Sweden