Acquia Launches Drupal Hosting Platform for Australian Government Agencies

Acquia announced on Friday that it has launched its Drupal-based content management system for Australian government agencies, called govCMS.

In September, Acquia signed a four-year deal with the Australian government to provide govCMS. The cloud platform is designed to help government agencies save money while creating and managing websites compliant with hosting best practices.

Acquia said that the govCMS platform is currently available to federal, state and local government agencies. So far agencies including the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, the Department of Communications and the Department of Social Services have migrated to the govCMS environment.

“Today’s release opens a new era of open government focused on meeting the needs of Australians,” Acquia’s director for Asia Pacific and Japan Chris Harrop said. “Acquia has enabled the Government to go to market faster with digital experiences that are highly interactive, crucial to supporting economic development and connects Australians with the services and data they need.”

Over the past few years, governments have made an effort to have a more cohesive infrastructure by consolidating data centers and adopting a cloud-first approach.Australia appointed a data center migration panel in 2011, and implemented a mandatory cloud first policy in 2014. Last month, the Australian government announced the first 49 companies as part of its cloud services panel for federal agencies.

The govCMS platform builds on this strategy by offering a standardized infrastructure for government websites, addressing fragmentation that can occur when agencies build websites and buy software on their own.

With the Australian government partnership, Acquia has the opportunity to provide hosting to up to 400 websites. The agreement provides a good example of how hosting providers can become a trusted advisor to government, providing a scalable infrastructure as their needs evolve.