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DreamHost Rejects More Than 80 Percent of Data Removal Requests in 2014: Report

Los Angeles-based hosting provider DreamHost rejected 57 percent of all legal requests for information in 2014, according to the company’s 2014 Transparency Report. The United States accounted for well over 85 percent of all requests, even leaving out FISA and National Security Letter (NSL) requests. The 2014 DreamHost Transparency Report,

FISMA Report Card Shows Alarming Holes in Government Digital Security

The US Office of Management and Budget prepared an annual report for Congress in late February showing the progress (or lack of progress) of a number of initiatives to protect federal government information under the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA). The FISMA report card (PDF) showed that

PayPal Acquires Israeli Cybersecurity Startup CyActive

PayPal will establish a cybersecurity center in Israel, and also confirmed on Tuesday that it has acquired Israeli cybersecurity startup CyActive. CyActive technology predicts malware development to provide “future proof” security, the company says. The deal was initially reported last week by Israeli newspaper Globes. The paper reported that CyActive,

Canadian Man Indicted For Role in Stealing Over a Billion Email Addresses

Email service providers (ESPs) may feel vindicated after David-Manuel Santos Da Silva of Canada was indicted this week by a federal grand jury for his involvement with a cybercrime ring. Hackers breached at least eight email service providers in the US between February 2009 and June 2012, stealing proprietary marketing

German Webmail Providers Push for End-to-End Email Encryption with New Plugin

German webmail providers, including Deutsche Telekom and United Internet, are rolling out a browser plugin next month for users to easily employ end-to-end email encryption. According to a report by Gigaom on Monday, United Internet developed the plugin with the open source Mailvelope OpenPGP project. The plugin will be available - OpenDNS develops new threat model to detect domains used by APT Groups

OpenDNS develops new threat model to detect domains used by APT Groups

OpenDNS Security Labs has developed a new threat model for identifying domain spoofing and targeted phishing attacks. Called NLPrank, the model uses natural language processing to build a malicious language that is capable of detecting threatening domains in real-time. In a blog post on Thursday, OpenDNS Labs said that the

Email Security – Blocking outgoing spoofed emails from cPanel server

As a company that proactively manages web hosting servers, we do regular security audits on them. One of the recurring issues we have seen with un-managed servers is loss of server reputation, and service up-time through outbound spam mails. To combat spam, the first step is finding a common pattern