Christian Dawson Named President of ServInt

Hosting industry veteran Christian Dawson was promoted to president of ServInt, the hosting provider where he has worked for more than 15 years. Having most recently served as the company’s chief operating officer, Dawson joined the Reston, Va.-based company in 1998 and was promoted to president earlier this week.

In recent years, Dawson has become highly involved in educating Internet infrastructure providers about technology policy and online consumer privacy as co-founder and chairman of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, or i2Coalition. As part of this role, Dawson will be speaking on a panel addressing government surveillance at the popular SXSW conference in Austin next week. As online privacy becomes of paramount concern to hosting customers, having a thought-leader in this area has most likely helped ServInt build brand awareness and win customers.

Dawson tells the WHIR in an email that he feels fortunate to have spent his career at ServInt and is excited to play a key role in its next chapter.

“Even though I’m 16 years in to working for ServInt, I couldn’t be more excited about this new role, where I can help drive what we’re doing next. This company doesn’t rest, and I’m so proud of the fact that we all go to work each day completely focused on determining how we can better help our clients achieve our dreams. We’ve got the best team in hosting and even after all these years we keep getting better. Our customers must agree, because our #1 selling tool is still the customer referral, even 20 years in,” Dawson said.

“I love this company and I’m passionate about what we do. By putting power into the hands of people who are using the Internet to do cool things, we are changing the world for the better. We know that what we do is important, and we carry that knowledge with us each day here. It’s what drives our passion. In the new role I will be formally tasked with being the public face of ServInt, driving forward our objectives with the right audiences and making sure that we are top of mind with the right current and potential partners and clients. It hardly seems like work when I get to do that for such a great company. I’m a lucky guy,” he said.

In a statement announcing the promotion, ServInt’s CEO and founder Reed Caldwell said that Dawson’s new role will “enable him to further extend ServInt’s success in these areas and to create a path for [its] continued success.”

ServInt recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, launching a new corporate website, and learning center called the ServInt University.