SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 Serves Private Clouds, Can Onboard Hadoop

While it doesn’t grab as many headlines as other players, SUSE has steadily announcednew versions of its SUSE Cloud platform, which is its OpenStack distribution for building Infrastructure-as-a-Service private clouds. SUSE has especially focused on data centers where administrators want to take advantage of multiple types of computing environments, and has offered full support for VMware vSphere through integration with VMware vCenter Server.

Now, SUSE has announced the general availability of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5, which is the new name for SUSE Cloud. SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 is based on the latest OpenStack release (Juno) and provides increased networking flexibility and improved operational efficiency to simplify private cloud infrastructure management. It also provides “as-a-service” capabilities to enable development and big data analytic teams to rapidly deliver business solutions along with integration with the new SUSE Enterprise Storageand SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 data center solutions.