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Linux RAID Mdadm Cheat Sheet

Linux RAID Mdadm Cheat Sheet Mdadm is the modern tool most Linux distributions use these days to manage software RAID arrays; in the past raidtools was the tool we have used for this. This cheat sheet will show the most common usages of mdadm to manage software raid arrays; it assumes

How to Setup ZFS Filesystem on Linux with zpool Command Examples

Messing around with FreeBSD 10 lately I loved ZFS, its simplicity and expand-ability. So I thought, what about a Linux with ZFS ? I’ll write about How to Setup ZFS Filesystem on Linux with zpool Command Examples in here.   ZFS has combined volume manager and filesystem with several advanced features.

Understanding Containers, user space, userland and kernel space

Perhaps you’ve been charged with developing a container-based application infrastructure?  If so, you most likely understand the value that containers can provide to your developers, architects, and operations team. In fact, you’ve likely been reading up on containers and are excited about exploring the technology in more detail. However, before

Linux ‘grinch’ vulnerability could put a hole in your security stocking

A grinch may be snatching away some year-end holiday time, forcing Linux system administrators to fill a gaping security hole in their systems. Named after the proverbially grumpy Dr. Seuss character, the grinch vulnerability could affect all Linux systems, potentially providing attackers with unfettered root access, according to security service

Console commands to hibernate and standby / sleep Linux machines

It’s great that Linux nowadays supports all the power management features available on computers. But it’s odd that beside the buttons to trigger standby/hibernate – which are only available in a graphical interface – there are no simple console commands to put the computer to sleep or into hibernation. Standby

Turla espionage operation infects Linux systems with malware

A newly identified Linux malware backdoor program is tied to the Turla cyberespionage campaign, researchers from Kaspersky Lab said. A newly discovered malware program designed to infect Linux systems is tied to a sophisticated cyberespionage operation of Russian origin dubbed Epic Turla, security researchers found. The Turla campaign, also known as

CentOS and RHEL 7: Install Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP (LAMP)

More about LAMP LAMP is nothing but a software bundle or a platform consisting of Linux operating system, Apache web-server, MySQL database server and PHP (or Perl/Python)scripting language. The LAMP stack is used for building heavy-duty dynamic web sites entirely out of free and open-source software. In this tutorial, I’m