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Understanding Containers, user space, userland and kernel space

Perhaps you’ve been charged with developing a container-based application infrastructure?  If so, you most likely understand the value that containers can provide to your developers, architects, and operations team. In fact, you’ve likely been reading up on containers and are excited about exploring the technology in more detail. However, before

Centos Recover broken rpmdb or missing packages

Centos Recover broken rpmdb or missing packages Did you ever encountered broken rpmdb ? Missing packages, filesystem corruption at /var/lib/rpm and ran out of backups or a restore isn’t possible ? You can fix it in Centos Recover broken rpmdb or missing packages  and on other RHEL based systems too.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Beta is here

This newest RHEL introduces support for the POWER 8 little-endian, hardware architecture support for IBM Power Systems This update comes with the following improvements: Red Hat is adopting OpenLMI. This is a standardized remote application programming interface (API). In RHEL 7.1, OpenLMI comes with storage management enhancements and support for